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How to measure bra size


Measurement B is to find your band size             

B = Underbust Measurement Centimeter(CM) Band Size
63cm - 67cm = size 30 / 65
68cm - 72cm = size 32 / 70
73cm - 77cm = size 34 / 75
78cm - 82cm = size 36 / 80
83cm - 87cm = size 38 / 85
88cm - 92cm = size 40 / 90
93cm - 97cm = size 42 / 95

Measurement A is to find your cup size

Cup Size = Measurement A - Measurement B

Cup size = A if measurement A - measurement B around 10 cm

Cup size = B if measurement A - measurement B around 10.5 cm to 12.5 cm

Cup size = C if measurement A - measurement B around 13 cm to 15 cm

Cup size = D if measurement A - measurement B around 15.5 cm to 17.5 cm

Cup size = E if measurement A - measurement B around 18 cm to 20 cm

Cup size = F if measurement A - measurement B around 22.5 cm 


While this chart is useful for determining the cup size, bear in mind that 34A cup does NOT have the same exact volume as 36A or 38A. Similarly, 30D does not have the same volume as 36D (30D is a much smaller cup than 36D). So, if you try on a 36B bra and the cup size fits but the band is too loose so that you decide to go to down in band size to 34, you may actually need 34C cup size so as to have about the same volume in the bra cup.


Determine Your Bra Size By How Your Current Bra Fits:

  • If your bra rides up in the back : You need a smaller band size
  • If your band digs in : You need one band size larger
  • If your cups overflow :You need one cup size larger
  • If your shoulders ache : Loosen your bra or opt for a bra with wider or cushioned straps
  • If your bustline sags : Shorten the straps, avoid stretchy fabrics, or choose a firmer support style with rigid straps
  • If your straps slip : Tighten your straps or opt for a bra with wider straps
  • If the underwire pinches or pokes you : The cup size is wrong and you need to try a size smaller or larger